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Softech rely on accounting consulting to do tax planning, M&A consulting, tax preparation or just general financial planning done by experts that have a long history in the industry. We would be happy to answer your questions and set up a meeting with you. Softech can help set you apart from the world by Providing Web Services to grew up your business goals.


Web Design & Development


At Big Drop, we don’t believe in being just another web design company. We believe your website is the natural extension of your brand’s story that sets the tone for your online presence. Great web design pushes the boundaries between a static three column layout and gives users an immersive digital experience. Great design is not created in a vacuum.

Our designers dive deep to immerse themselves in your industry and your brand aesthetic. Our collaborative process involves you and your team every step of the way, ensuring that your new site is something that truly represents you and your business while also achieving your goals.

  • Custom
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce

  • Shopify
  • Wix

Digital Marketing


As a full house digital company, we focus in complex functionality to address your budding business needs. Whenever you are in need to create a fully custom website you can count and rely on us. Our team of talented design professionals will handcraft a custom experience, just for you.

You will be exactly like no one else. Clients work closely with our team each step of the way, approving all designs before they are ever committed to code.

  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Internet Marketing


Graphic Design


Our graphic design specialists develop modern and classic designs, of course, any industry. We put your graphic design ideas in a timely manner and at short notice. Our high, individual rights guaranteed high quality features for our graphic design services.

Softech exists to help you design effective graphics that will elevate your brand. Our graphic designers consist of world-class talent and will relieve you of the stress of developing graphics for your business.

Whether you need graphic design for traditional media or digital media, our graphic designers will be here to help you.

  • Logos
  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads & Envelopes
  • Website Covers

  • Book Cover

  • Brochures
  • Signage
  • Email Designs
  • Food Menus
  • Powerpoint Templates
  • Packaging & Labels
  • Apparel

  • Cups & Mugs


Digital Branding

$60/hr works exceptionally in the fast driven new web-based strategies, crafted from long term research and development.

We understand that you need more than likes, engagement, and reach. You need an idea that crafts a direct influence on your brand. We create content, Graphics focusing on your objectives.

  • Identity Branding
  • Outdoor Branding

Content Writing


These days, search engines gauge your site based in large part on the quality of your content. In order to build a solid foundation for SEO and Internet marketing success,

you need to ensure that you’re publishing high-quality content both on your site and at other places on the web. Softech provides expert content marketing services to help support SEO efforts and draw increased traffic to your site.

  • Blogging
  • Guest Blogs
  • Video Marketing
  • Direct Referral Traffic
  • SEO Relevance

Web Maintenance


At Softech, our website maintenance programs ensure that your site is always up to date and your project stays within your budget. Our website maintenance package includes program such as content updates, image updates and customer support via telephone and e-mail.

We include all of the services you oblige in order to ensure both the long-term and short term success of your online marketing. Our services also includes reviewing, editing, or otherwise changing existing web pages in order to keep your website up to date.

  • Daily Support

  • Weekly Support
  • Monthly Support
  • Yearly Support


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